We are here to deliver innovative information technology solutions and services that inspire business growth.
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  • IT, Cloud and Telecom Services

  • Strategy Planning and Development

  • Acquisition and Contracting Support

  • Program / Project Management

  • System Engineering

  • Mediation Services

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Enterprise Cyber Security, including Information Assurance (IA)

  • Risk Assessment (IA, Acquisition, and Program)

  • Web Design /Development

  • ServiceNow Administration /Development

  • Installation /Deployment of Data, Voice, Video, and Command & Control (C2) Solutions

  • Cloud and Legacy System Integration & Migration

  • NIST Requirement Assessments and Validation



  • Strategic Planning and Development.

  • IT and Telecommunications, including Satellite and Unified Communications. 

  • Acquisition and Contracting

  • Technical and System Engineering and Architecture

  • Program / Project Management

  • Full Life Cycle Product Management 

  • Cyber Security and Risk Assessment and Training

  • Policy, Procedure, and Process Improvement,        including Lean Six Sigma

  • Disaster Planning

  • Mediation Services

  • Conflict and Contract Resolution

  • Client Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Negotiations 

  • General Consulting

  • Web Development and Support

  • Cloud Services and Solutions


Business Objectives:


  • Provide innovative IT and engineering solutions and superb customer service– which increases business growth, customer service, and cybersecurity via long-term relationships, contracts, and recurring projects.

  • Mature GES process and grow staffing to accommodate the requirement and service demands of our customers. GES will offer a vibrant work environment with great benefits, flexible hours, education, and bonuses commensurate with individual job performance.

  • Be a flexible company that can quickly adjust and respond to customer needs.  GES will not get burden with “red tape” as compared to larger peers. GES has a can-do attitude when it comes to service delivery.


Guiding Principles:



  • DEDICATION -  Be dedicated to the customer mission and the needs every day, including every job no matter the size.  The success of GES is rooted in this tenacity, attention to detail on each and every project.

  • COMMITMENT (LOYALTY) - Be Dependable, provide customer total and unqualified support. Commitment requires initiative; taking the time and exerting the energy to make things better. Continuous improvement is our everyday goal. GES believes that if we are the "go to" business,  this will generate extra leads or word-of-mouth referrals.

  • FOCUS on GREATER GOOD:  Always do your best, and good things will happen for the customer, community and GES. 


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Email: Showers727@nowges.com

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