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Construction Services

Apostle Alfred Showers no background
Alfred Showers
Director of Construction Services

Mr. Alfred Showers is Pastor at Showers of Blessing Deliverance Temple (SBDT) and respected expert with 20 years in the construction services industry. He has a reputation for providing phenomenal customer service and delivering high quality products and services on schedule and cost efficiently. He is an exceptional construction site leader with expertise in providing residential and nonresidential construction, concrete additions, alterations, and reconstruction. Mr. Showers is an established community leader who is known for his community service, leadership and integrity. He brings these same characteristics in his role as the Director of Construction Services at Global Enterprise Services, LLC.

Who, What, and Why?

In 2019, GES created a new Construction Services division to help spur economic development efforts in Louisiana and the surrounding area. Construction Services is located in Tickfaw, Louisiana and provides clients with cement products on-demand, to private / public / federal sector and local businesses.


We are dedicated to helping improve and uplift our community, which is a passion of our company lead and supported by our executive leader Director, Pastor Alfred Showers. Alfred Showers come from the very community we want to uplift and empower through economic development. Alfred Showers' church, Showers of Blessing, does many give aways, community projects, and out-reach programs in the local communities. Construction Services provides an additional avenue for our team and our company to inspire growth, create new jobs, and support our community.

Foundation & Structure

  • Pouring & Finishing​

  • Placement/Pumping

  • Shotcrete 

  • Mud-Jacking

  • Footing & Foundations

    • Shallow Foundation & Footing

      • Individual footing or isolated footing

      • Combined footing

      • Strip foundation

      • Raft or mat foundation

    • Deep Foundations & Footing

      • Pile foundation

      • Drilled Shafts or caissons

Paving & Finishing

  • Driveway Paving & Sealing

    • Commercial​

    • Residential

  • Patios

  • Sidewalk installation

  • Parking Lots

  • Concrete 

    • Coating

    • Glazing

    • Sealing

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