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Enterprise IT Services

Enterprise Cyber Security and Risk Assessments

Knowledge and expertise on evaluating cyber security protections utilized within an organization.  Penetration testing techniques and network assessments for discovery of weaknesses within an organization’s infrastructure and/or web applications.  Review of access control policies, defense in depth, and network infrastructure to provide recommendations on improving information security capabilities. NIST requirement assessments and  validation.

Installation and Deployment Solutions

Install and deploy data, voice, video, and/or command & control (C2) systems to meet your business needs. Evaluate existing system(s) and provide actionable feedback and plan of action to ensure systems are scalable and effective.

Network Infrastructure and Data Center Support

Support of all aspects of the physical and virtual Infrastructure used to provide Network Services. This includes cabinets, communications exchanges, conduits, ducts, manholes, cabling, patch panels switches, routers, access points, hubs, modems, and etc.

Service Desk Support

We provide various helpdesk Tiers support for many of our current customers. We use a 4 Tier system to define our helpdesk support services. Tier I – Basic Helpdesk Resolution, Tier II – In-depth Technical Support, Tier III – Engineering/Expert Product Service, and Tier IV – Vendor Engagement.

Broadband Support

Installation and support of high-speed internet service. Including network monitoring services.


IT Infrastructure 


Enterprise IT

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Program Management


Contract Management

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Mediation Services

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